I can’t believe the time is already upon us for me and my friend Janel to depart off to Europe.  It’ll be our first trip to Europe for both of us and I’m sure it’ll be an absolute blast.

A short itinerary: (More details on travel here at TripIt.)

  • Depart Portland at 1:30pm 9/27.
  • Arrive into Europe through Amsterdam at 8:30am 9/28.
  • Depart Amsterdam at 11:30am and arrive into Munich at 1:30pm 9/28.
  • Enjoy the rest of the day getting settled into Munich at my friend Huy’s brother’s place.
  • Thursday morning, 9/29, head over to Oktoberfest early enough to enjoy the festivities and hopefully meet some wonderful people to let us share share table.
  • Spend most all of the day there.
  • Not sure what else Munich holds for us other than seeing some amazing castles and driving on the autobahn.
  • Depart by train to Paris on 10/2.
  • Arrive in Paris and stay with an awesome CouchSurfer.
  • Enjoy all that Paris can offer in just four nights.
  • Depart by plane to Dublin on 10/6.
  • Make it to Guinness for a tour and hopefully make it to Jameson.
  • Go on a south island tour of Ireland from 10/7-10/9.
  • Spend one last night pub crawling around Dublin. 10/9.
  • Depart to Portland on 10/10 at 12:30pm.
  • Get into Portland at 7:20pm.


What a trip it’ll be!  If you have any advice or things for us to see – leave a comment!!!

See you in two weeks!!!

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Jason has been writing his adventures for a number of years now. This his stab at travel blogging. He's the main contributor for Jason Gets Around since it's him actually going places. He is a traveler, an adventurer, story teller, kickball player, a pool shark, a software engineer, and now most recently, a licensed pilot.

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