My departure from Portland has finally arrived. Crazy to think that it’s already began. My first destination is to San Francisco where I get to see some awesome people.

Yesterday was quite a stressful day with getting almost everything out of my place and moving it to a storage unit in Portland. Not much left thanks to awesome people helping me out and buying everything.

My bed was one of the last things to go in and thanks to Erick and his wife for helping me out by driving me back from Salem (I gave my car to my parents to use/sell), and helping me to move my bed to my storage unit in the nick of time. It sure was close.

Right after I sat down at one of my favorite Portland restaurants, Huber’s, and enjoyed some turkey and “Spanish Coffees” with some excellent people who I will miss for sure while I’m on my travels.

The night was finished off with Lewis and myself staying up until late into the night having one final time to hang out together.

I then crashed on the couch (the sold couch) and got up early to get things together.

I’m now sitting at the airport having breakfast. Thanks to TSA-Pre (you should get it) I was able to skip over a hundred people in line through security. I got through in just a few minutes. And I didn’t even have to take off my shoes!

It’s going to be an awesome journey and I hope those who are going to follow this will enjoy what I have to say and images I have to post.


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Jason has been writing his adventures for a number of years now. This his stab at travel blogging. He’s the main contributor for Jason Gets Around since it’s him actually going places. He is a traveler, an adventurer, story teller, kickball player, a pool shark, a software engineer, and now most recently, a licensed pilot.