Water Show

I arrived into Kunming, China on October 1st (their time).  I left with my friend Matt and new friend Dan over to his place through the chaotic streets.  Even though traffic is going one way, you see scooters and cars coming up the sides of the road like it isn’t a big deal.  Two lane roads are usually paralleled by one to three more lanes of traffic.  Matt thankfully knows his way around and how to drive in the chaos.  Fun times.

Yay, Not being in an airport!

I arrived at Matt’s and had a good time catching up with his family and getting situated.  Matt had some stuff to take care of at the office so Dan and I stayed around with the kiddos while Matt and his wife Hallie took some much needed alone time for a couple hours out of the house as Matt had been gone the last eight days.  We hung out watching a movie with the kids and had some brownies.  Good times.

Service Is Cheap in China

When he returned, us guys took off on their two scooters and went over to the place Matt goes to get his hair done and got some good massages and decent hair cuts.  We were there a good hour and a half getting head, neck and back massages followed by getting our hair cuts and it was worth the time.  Matt and Dan didn’t have the best cuts, but mine turned out alright and it all only cost 72 Yuans ($12 bucks!) for the three of us.  Awesome!

Matt later explained that people’s time isn’t worth a lot in china, but products can get quite expensive.  Looks like a massage every day is in my future 😉

Fun Chinese Day Entertainment

We took off from the shop and went to Matt’s where we all took off for a great dinner and awesome entertainment in downtown Kunming at this beautiful lake in the center of town.  Did I mention that today was their Chinese Day holiday.  It lasts like a week, but I’ll be in China enjoying it all.

Hallie ended up ordering a bunch of food for all of us and it was quite tasty.  A mix between Chinese and Thai food.  We all had our way with the grub and then made it over towards the lake.

It was getting dark and we ended up stumbling across this old lady dancing in the middle of one of the side streets.  After a moment of time, Matt and Dan had bet me to go in for a dance with the lady.  After offering her a tip, she quickly gave it back and we danced for a while in front of a hundred or so people.  It was hilarious…and some quick cash 🙂

Amazing Water Show

We left the park a bit after watching one of the coolest things I’d ever seen.  They had a fountain going in the middle of the lake and they were projecting a video with laser lights. It was so cool to see.  Made the video look sorta 3D like a hologram.

The night was shortly ended after that where we all required some much needed sleep.

Me with Chinese Kids


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