I left Hue on the back of a motorbike down to Hoi An.  The ride was awesome.  Stopped at a number of spots on the way that I never knew about, saw a lot of torn down trees in Danang, and got a couple new suits and had a good time with friends along the way in Hoi An.

Riding To Hoi An

The journey from Hue to Hoi An is around 130 kilometers.  I decided that rather than riding in a bus or on a train that I’d do this on the back of a motorbike.  I signed up with a group called Le Family (Le is their family name, not French for the).  They treated me well my trip around Hue, so I figured they’d be good for my trip to Hoi An.

My driver was a guy named “Neon” and he was awesome.  Looks a bit like Jet Li.  The trip down was beautiful.  I was lucky not to get more rain than we did on the way due to the typhoon causing quite the rain storm.  Just a few spots of rain with the majority of the day being quite beautiful.



Suiting Up In Hoi An

Me and Mimosa

One thing I kept hearing about Hoi An is that it’s one of the best places to get a custom tailored suit.  Walking through the streets you see why.  There are over a hundred places that will make you custom clothing.  I ended up giving in and getting a couple suits tailored up and some custom shirts.  The place I went to was called BeBe ClothShop.  My tailor, Mimosa, treated me well, I negotiated an excellent price, and I had a good time.




Relaxing Around The Beach

The rest of my time in Hoi An I hung around with the people from my hostel (Romy, Ella, Anna-Maria, Aaron, and many more).  We went to the beach, ate good food, and had some beverages before Aaron, Anna-Maria, and myself took off by plane to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

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