New Zealand: 12 Days In

20140109_153749 It's 9am and I'm sitting at a park table next to the van that I've been riding in the last 12 days and I've realized that I haven't been able to post anything until now.  Internet in New Zealand isn't just hard to come by, but it is expensive, so sorry VicLiv, you've had to fall victim to the price.  Oh well, I'm writing now, you should be happy, let's move on. (more…)

By Jason, ago

New Zealand: Airport Sleeping

wpid-20140109_005352.JPG I took off from Cairns at 12pm yesterday.  After two flights, I finally made it to New Zealand around 12am (no, it wasn't 12 hours of flying).  I didn't book a place to stay as I decided to save some bucks and sleep at the airport.  (more…)

By Jason, ago