Sitting here at Bamboo Travellers eating breakfast thinking about the time I’ve had in Fiji and it’s hard to put it into words.

I’ve loved it here and would definitely come back again.  Let me give you a run down.

  • Arrived to Fiji
  • Stayed at Wailoaloa Beach Resort (not near the beach!)
  • Met up with Melanie and booked a trip to the Yasawa islands and my shark dive
  • Left on a boat to Nambua Island
  • Played a lot of cards due to the rainy weather, but it was awesome
  • Camera was soaked in water (not working still, so sad)
  • Boat trip to Beachcomber where I had too many Bounty rum and cokes
  • Boat to Mana beach
  • Went to Castaway Island (not sure the real name)
  • Left Mana back to Nadi
  • Took a long bus to Uprising Resort
  • Dove with huge bull sharks (some around 4 meters!!!)
  • Bus to Bamboo where I am now and about to depart to Hawaii

You should go to Fiji!


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Jason has been writing his adventures for a number of years now. This his stab at travel blogging. He's the main contributor for Jason Gets Around since it's him actually going places. He is a traveler, an adventurer, story teller, kickball player, a pool shark, a software engineer, and now most recently, a licensed pilot.