Cuong, The Happy Couple, Me

After Fiji came my return the United States of America by going through Hawaii to see Lewis (my brother/former roomy/a best friend/the man) get married to the gorgeous and wonderful Annamarie.  I was so blessed to be in attendance to their wedding and especially being one of his men by his side to bring him to his wedding day.

Good luck to you both and enjoy your thousands of years together!

Love you tons – Jason


I arrived into Honolulu after a ten hour flight from Sydney on the 4th of February.  February 4th, what a funny day.  My 4th of February lasted 44 hours!  I know that sounds crazy, but I left Fiji around 2pm on the 4th of February, arrived in Honolulu 10am on the 4th, and finally in Kona at 8pm on the 4th.  When the day finally turned to the 5th, 44 hours had gone by.  Oh how funny the international date line is.

I’ve had a blast meeting new friends and seeing old ones.  I stayed in a house in Waikoloa with 4 other peoples who I’ve had the great time hanging out with while being here.  The weather has been mostly perfect with it not being too hot or too cold.  A reminder of how much I love this place after my first visit in 2011 with my younger brother and his friend.

I love it here.  The Big Island is amazing and I can’t wait to explore more of the islands that make up this magical place called Hawaii.  USA is so lucky to have it as a state.

Outside of wedding stuff, the time has been spent relaxing at the beach, going whale watching, and drinking too much (oh well, all part of the fun).  I’ve got one last night and day being in Hawaii and therefore being on my big adventure around the South Pacific chasing the summer that seems to have lasted forever before returning back to PDX…where it’s snowing…let’s see how I manage the cold weather.

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