Mountain View

This last weekend I went to one of the best bachelor parties!  My friend, Devin, also my roommate Lewis’ soon to be brother in law is getting married in just over a month and this weekend we made it to Colorado to go skiing/boarding at Breckenridge in the Rocky Mountains.

What a gorgeous place and an amazing mountain to see and ski down.  This was my fourth or fifth time skiing after starting a few years back and I’m proud to say that I went from being terrible on the greens/blues to still being terrible, but making it down a double black diamond a couple times.  Now, I’ll say, that my skills definitely improved for me to make it down the DBD, however, compared to those I went with, I was falling a whole lot more-but I still made it down the entire thing.  The first run of the DBD, Devin took me and my fellow newbie skier through the trees…not sure I’ll be doing that anytime soon, but it was still a ton of fun.



When not on the mountain, the crew spent the majority of time in the house we had (9 of us guys in all), and venturing around the town of Breckenridge enjoying the giant jenga, ping pong table, ice sculptures, karaoke, lots of bars, and plenty of libations and other substances that just made the trip so much better.

The stag fest weekend was quite the success with everyone getting along and having a great time being on and off the mountain.  Thanks to Colin, the grooms brother, for setting everything up and selecting the great location, and to Devin for letting me join in on the fun and giving us an excuse to all get together.  Great to meet the crew that came and looking forward to seeing everyone later next month!

Mt. Weird

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