Time is really the only asset most of us will never see again (sadly I’m not a time traveler).  How much is your time worth to you?

This calculator will estimate how much your time is worth.  Asking questions about what you currently make, how much time you’d wait in line at your favorite store to get a gift certificate, how much you would be willing to get paid for an extra hour of your time in a week, and much more.  With that info, it spits out how much your time is worth.

The thing I really liked was that it goes into a bit more detail about your time vs your money.  For example, is riding a bus for an hour when you could take a 10-15 minute cab ride worth it?  In my case, it said that if it’s less than $18, then I should just take a cab.  It definitely pointed out some things I didn’t realize.  Sometimes, it is really worth spending money on a tool that could save you time in the long run.

I was at 7-Eleven yesterday after volleyball and was getting some batteries and looking for a snack.  They had some Quest protein bars for $2.99.  Though I wanted one, at first I hesitated because they were $75 cents more than I could get else where.  Thing was, it was around 9pm and the other places weren’t going to be open and I was also on my bike.  Was it going to be worth it to bike all over to see if I could save the money, nope.

Thing is, the fact that I hesitated made me really think about how much my time was really worth.  I go out of my way for a deal a lot and sometimes it is a good value, but most of the time it just saves me a dollar or two here and there which really isn’t worth my time.

If you want, leave a comment below with your time value!

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