Review: Bluesmart Smart Carry-On

Last year I pitched in for the Bluesmart Smart Carry-On on through Indiegogo.  When I first read about it, I was pretty excited and signed up pretty hastily.  I hit them up and requested a refund, but after some thinking it over, I decided to stick with my decision and try it out before making a change.  The scheduled date of was supposed to be in August, but that didn't happen.  Instead I just got my suitcase Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Here are some of my thoughts. (more…)

By Jason, ago

Jason [Does Not] Get Around

wpid-wp-1446480817995.jpg As much as I travel, I really don't have too many problems usually, however, there are those days I just can't control. Finishing up a trip in Austin, Texas with a number of my coworkers from the Portland office, we ended up being stranded due to flash flooding from some terrible weather around the Austin airport. I went to bed Thursday night enjoying some good weather in the later evening, but woke up to threats of flooding and tornadoes around the city. (more…)

By Jason, ago