torres-del-paineSitting here at Gerardo’s place in Santiago, Chile.  I’m getting my bag together to catch my flight for Punta Arenas with Lewis and Gerardo.  Our flight leaves Santiago around 9:45pm and gets into Punta Arenas around 1am.  Punta Arenas is the equivalent to going to Alaska, and silly enough, I only packed for mild-summer weather.  I went to the mall here and picked up a pair of hiking books for the upcoming plan of going into Patagonia.  Hopefully we don’t freeze.

Potential Plan For Patagonia

We’re not totally sure what we will be doing, but I think it’ll go something like this.

  • Arrive Punta Arenas airport.
  • Take a taxi to our hostel in Punta Arenas.
  • Sleep until 11ish (when we have to get out of our hostel) and get on the road.
  • Take a bus from the hostel to Puerto Natales.
  • Get a guide to take us on a 3-4 day backpacking trip into Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (pictured above).
  • Make our way via bus or whatever mode of transportation the guide recommends us take.
  • Get to the park and start enjoying some of the most breathtaking views.
  • Hike, eat, sleep, repeat.
  • Get back to the airport and head back to Santiago.

The idea above is very loose and we’re flexible enough to just have an amazing time.

Wish us luck that we don’t freeze to death and have the most amazing time ever.

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Jason has been writing his adventures for a number of years now. This his stab at travel blogging. He's the main contributor for Jason Gets Around since it's him actually going places. He is a traveler, an adventurer, story teller, kickball player, a pool shark, a software engineer, and now most recently, a licensed pilot.

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