PDX-SFO Using Avios

This weekend’s trip to San Francisco was achieved for $11.20 thanks to using 15K Avios points on British Airways to book on Alaska Airlines.

Much better than the 25K it would have taken using Alaska Airline points. This works because BA handles their rewards by distance. Since SFO is less than a certain number of miles, the flight each way is 7.5K (this use to be 4.5K, but those rewards are no more).

So, if you have BA Avios points (not too hard to get with the right card) and you fly out of an Alaska hub, then look into booking with them first before using your valuable Alaska miles. Just remember that you’ll have to call to book this flight as they don’t show up on BA’s website. Check reward availability using another Alaska partner.

Because of nasty weather in Portland, my flight ended up being delayed, but still worth the price.

Here’s to a fun upcoming weekend visiting Paige in San Francisco.


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