Mileage Plan Program Changes | Alaska Airlines

Just got a surprising email this morning that Alaska Airlines is changing the number of miles needed domestically for flights.  Instead of the normal information I'm seeing about airlines devaluing their mileage plan, Alaska is going the other way and making their miles go further.  That's awesome for those who fly Alaska.  Thanks Alaska Airlines! (more…)

Travel Hacking

How To Score 50K On Hawaiian Airlines

I was scanning the interwebs the other day and came across a way to get 50,000 miles from Hawaiian Airlines.  Normally they give a reward for 35K miles, but if you go through the process of booking a dummy flight, and before paying for it, you'll see an offer to get 50,000 Hawaiian Airline miles.  Click the link to apply and you're on your way.  I did this myself as I am out of Hawaiian Airline miles and am looking forward to relaxing under some palm trees with a drink in hand. (more…)

Travel Hacking

Southwest Companion Pass: Round 2

Companion Pass UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that sometime here in March, Marriott/Southwest (not sure which) is going to stop the rewarding of the Southwest Companion Pass when following the steps below.  Hopefully this will still be of use to peoples before they stop. Today, I'm writing about how I just got another couple years with the beloved Southwest Companion Pass.  Unlike before, where I received the pass from using credit cards, this time around, I used a bunch of Marriott points that I acquired.  Either way you choose to go about getting the pass, it isn't too hard.  Let's dive into the details. (more…)