I was scanning the interwebs the other day and came across a way to get 50,000 miles from Hawaiian Airlines.  Normally they give a reward for 35K miles, but if you go through the process of booking a dummy flight, and before paying for it, you’ll see an offer to get 50,000 Hawaiian Airline miles.  Click the link to apply and you’re on your way.  I did this myself as I am out of Hawaiian Airline miles and am looking forward to relaxing under some palm trees with a drink in hand.

Though Hawaiian Airline miles are not what they used to be, they’re still worthwhile to score yourself a RT to Hawaii, and since I live on the West coast in Portland, they’re pretty useful to get some sun time.  Do some searches and you’ll find some great ways to use 50,000 miles.

Back in the day, I did a few different flights to Hawaii using these points.  One from Australia, and a couple from Portland.  Easy to get and great to have in your arsenal of points.

For more info, check out the link below.

I recently added the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard to my card lineup in part of a recent effort to find and document all the airline credit cards out there. Initially I thought the bonus was 35,000 miles but with this little hack you can earn 50,000 miles today!

Source: How to Score 50000 Miles on the Hawaiian Credit Card – TooManyMiles

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