It’s 6:25am and I’m just departing from Portland to Newark. 5 hour flight ahead of me, then wait around Newark for 5-6 hours, and if all goes well, I’ll be on my flight from Newark to Delhi, India. I’m flying standby today on United, so here’s hoping that all my flights happen as planned. So far so good, though I didn’t get my first class seat, I’m not complaining as nobody is sitting in the seats next to me. Sweet!

I’ll do my best to keep this going with some updates as I get around to this massive country. Only 20 more hours of flying (5 then 15) and 6 hours of layover to go (ugh)!
Flight to India has been LONG! I ate, watched a couple movies (Baby Driver, Spiderman: Homecoming), slept a few hours, watched another couple movies (Johnny Dangerously, Tribeca Film Festival – Metropia), ate again and soon to be landing…I think.

Soul Stay, first night into Delhi, met a few people to go on a tour with the following day. Met Jeremiah, a bright kid starting out in life with a passion to change the world for the homeless though business ideas he has.

Went to bed in a 6-person dorm on a top bunk. Not too bad.

Breakfast at the hostel was alright. Bread and eggs. Coffee and tea.

Left with Jo, Josephina and [Chinese girl’s name] to the metro for a couple different locations: Lotus Temple and Akshardham.

Got a Hindu blessing at Akshardham.

Went back to hostel, then met up with Apachu and his friend Raunaq for dinner and drinks at Summer House Cafe. Good good and cheap drinks.

Eventually I left cause I had a 5am flight to Kolkata to meet with my friend Aru.

Was told I needed a couple hours at the airport, so I got up at 2am to catch a ride at 2:30. Found out an hour would have been just fine.

Arrived Kolkata early at 7am and got picked up by Aru and a driver he hired around 8.

Went to Victoria Memorial building. Beautiful place, but didn’t go inside. 20 for locals and 200 for tourists. 10 for the park itself.

Picked up his friend Harsh and started the 4 hours to Sana Beach Resort.

Stopped on the way to pick up an outfit for the wedding.

After a LONG, loud, and bumpy ride, eventually made it to Sana Beach Resort where the wedding would happen the following day.

Arrived to a fresh cut coconut, then a tasty dinner. The place wasn’t fancy by any means I’m used to, but it had its own charm.

Food was served every meal and it was all really good food. The room itself I shared with Harsh and it was a really hard mattress, but it did the trick.

The first night was meeting and greeting with Holly and Aru’s families. All such welcoming and nice people.

After staying up with Krish and a couple others, I finally crashed later that night.

West Bangle Wedding Ceremony


Village People Reception


Getting Around by Train


Getting Around by Plane

Delhi: Round 2


Extending My Stay

Getting Around by Car/Auto


Getting Around by Bus

Delhi: Round 3

Getting Back To Portland

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