Coming Soon: Birthdays in Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Brendan's PropertyThis Friday, I'm headed out of Portland with my friend Cristina to Liberia, Costa Rica and soon after to the west side of Nicaragua to see my friend Brendan's property.  Brendan has been out there since the middle of January and I figure it is about time to pay a visit and see what this land is all about.  I've never been to Nicaragua before, so I'm quite excited about seeing a new country.  Costa Rica on the other hand happens to be the first trip I ever did solo (2012), which I loved, and am glad to visit once again. Cristina's birthday is the 17th and my birthday is the 18th, and I'm excited to go to another part of the world to celebrate our birthdays. (more…)


Mileage Plan Program Changes | Alaska Airlines

Just got a surprising email this morning that Alaska Airlines is changing the number of miles needed domestically for flights.  Instead of the normal information I'm seeing about airlines devaluing their mileage plan, Alaska is going the other way and making their miles go further.  That's awesome for those who fly Alaska.  Thanks Alaska Airlines! (more…)

Travel Hacking

How To Score 50K On Hawaiian Airlines

I was scanning the interwebs the other day and came across a way to get 50,000 miles from Hawaiian Airlines.  Normally they give a reward for 35K miles, but if you go through the process of booking a dummy flight, and before paying for it, you'll see an offer to get 50,000 Hawaiian Airline miles.  Click the link to apply and you're on your way.  I did this myself as I am out of Hawaiian Airline miles and am looking forward to relaxing under some palm trees with a drink in hand. (more…)

Travel Hacking

Southwest Companion Pass: Round 2

Companion Pass UPDATE: It's been pointed out to me that sometime here in March, Marriott/Southwest (not sure which) is going to stop the rewarding of the Southwest Companion Pass when following the steps below.  Hopefully this will still be of use to peoples before they stop. Today, I'm writing about how I just got another couple years with the beloved Southwest Companion Pass.  Unlike before, where I received the pass from using credit cards, this time around, I used a bunch of Marriott points that I acquired.  Either way you choose to go about getting the pass, it isn't too hard.  Let's dive into the details. (more…)


Year In Review: 2016

Last year, I decided to take the time to look back at 2015 and review how things went, so I decided to take the time to go over this year to celebrate what I've accomplished and to make some goals for 2017.  2016 started strong with high hopes and carried that way the majority of the year with a number of lows and some major highs.  I don't do this as a way to brag, just as a way for me to reflect upon how my year went and perhaps a way to inspire whoever reads this to review your own year.  Away we go... (more…)


Netherlands To Switzerland

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If you haven't heard, the day after Christmas I'm headed off to Europe.  This will be my fourth Eurotrip (one, two, and three) and I can't wait to go explore this amazing part of the world again.  This time I'm starting on a direct flight from Portland to Amsterdam that I scored for cheap and reining in the New Year with Melissa, Tomas, Ayleen and more.  After the New Year, I'm eventually making my way down to visit my friend Laurent in Lausanne, Switzerland before flying home.  My plans are pretty loose, as is the way I usually travel, so I'm excited to see how the trip comes together.  With the help of the travel hacking work I've done in the past and my friends in Europe, I'm hoping to keep my trip quite low on cost.  I'm going to be updating this post with my trip details as best as I can, so bookmark this page and stay updated. Belgium(I ended up splitting off and Switzerland into their own posts.) (more…)


Dreading Your Morning? Then Exercise!

Do you ever wake up dreading the fact that you have to get out of bed to get your day going?  Ever wake up thinking that you've just got so many things to do, that it's difficult to focus on any one thing?  Or do you ever wake up, feeling exhausted desiring to chug down an entire pot of coffee?  Well, I've got an easy solution to get your day going better than anything else - exercise! (more…)