Year In Review: 2015

2015 was pretty darn amazing.  Though I haven't been able to do everything on my list, I've been able to keep up my joy of exploring the world, flying people around, spending times with family and friends, and maintaining employment through the year.  This is a "year in review" recap of 2015 with one more trip to go (headed to Chile on Monday!).  I hope you realize that you too can get out and see the world with a full-time job. (more…)


PDX->SNA (FTU)->SFO (Work)->PDX->SEA->LWS->Home

travel-newport-beach The title of this post is quite the cluster, but it is what my upcoming week is going to look like.  Prior to yesterday, I was going to go to Newport Beach, CA to attend Frequent Travel University (FTU) and then come back to Portland, work here through Thursday, and then fly out to Lewiston, Idaho to visit my grandma.  Well, a wrench was throne into the situation and now I'm also going to San Ramon for a four-day deep-dive for my work.  Now, I'm hitting the following airports before finally getting back home next Sunday. (more…)


Review: Bluesmart Smart Carry-On

Last year I pitched in for the Bluesmart Smart Carry-On on through Indiegogo.  When I first read about it, I was pretty excited and signed up pretty hastily.  I hit them up and requested a refund, but after some thinking it over, I decided to stick with my decision and try it out before making a change.  The scheduled date of was supposed to be in August, but that didn't happen.  Instead I just got my suitcase Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Here are some of my thoughts. (more…)


Jason [Does Not] Get Around

wpid-wp-1446480817995.jpg As much as I travel, I really don't have too many problems usually, however, there are those days I just can't control. Finishing up a trip in Austin, Texas with a number of my coworkers from the Portland office, we ended up being stranded due to flash flooding from some terrible weather around the Austin airport. I went to bed Thursday night enjoying some good weather in the later evening, but woke up to threats of flooding and tornadoes around the city. (more…)


Let’s Rank Airline Programs

jet airplane landing in cloudy sky

What makes a frequent flier program standout? No loyalty program is ideal for everyone, but choosing one that best matches your lifestyle can help you maximize your chances of earning and redeeming meaningful rewards.
U.S News has given their ranking of the different airline programs out there.  As a travel hacker based in Portland, Oregon, my ranking is a good amount different and I'll explain why. (more…)