My Favorite Tools: Credit Karma

credit_karma This is my third of a few posts I’ll be doing that highlights some tools I use for “travel hacking.” The first is here. The second is here. If you've ever wondered what you're credit score is, but you don't want to have to pay for it, well look no further, go to and get your FREE credit score from two of the three credit profile companies out there. (more…)


Travel is a Privilege

Not everyone is able to travel. No tip, mindset change, or advice can help many who dream of travel achieve it. Those of us who travel are a privileged few.
My last post, I enjoyed that science has confirmed it's okay to spend all your money on travel.  I've been lucky enough to travel much of my adult life and I'm privileged to do so; however, I worked hard to get here. (more…)


Bridge Pedal 2015: 3rd Friendiversary

Chris Devon Michael Rubbo Teri JasonLast Sunday, I enjoyed my fourth time biking over all the bridges that cover the Willamette River in Portland in a bicycle ride called the Bridge Pedal.  I love bringing new people on this ride and sharing it with old ones.  Rubbo and myself met on this ride through our friend Paige in 2012 making this mine and Rubbo's fourth ride together and our three year friendiversary! Thanks to Chris, Devon, Michael, Teri, Ilona, and Corey for doing this ride with us!  You are awesome.  36 miles, 11 bridges, and one sore ass later, we did it! (more…)


My Favorite Tools: TripIt

TripIt CoverThis is my second of a few posts I’ll be doing that highlights some tools I use for “travel hacking.” The first is here. The third is here. Ah, TripIt, what can I say, we've been together for quite some time and you're still making me happy. TripIt is the tool I use to track everywhere I go and everywhere I stay.  Since 2008, I've been able to store all my itineraries for flights, hotels, rentals, and more.  It's so simple and easy to manage. (more…)


Destination Wedding: Riviera Maya

I just got back from Mexico a couple days ago.  Akumal, Mexico in fact.  Destination wedding was the primary reason, but for a bonus I enjoyed a fantastic vacation meeting some awesome people and enjoying a chance to relax.  Unlike the majority of my travels, I didn't feel like I needed a vacation for my vacation (though I'd never turn one down).  Most of the trip involved laying by a pool or the beach, enjoying a beverage, and excellent company. (more…)


Hiking Helens 2015

Group Last weekend I went hiking to the top of Mt. St. Helens for the 4th time!  My friend Ryan and I have been hiking it together since 2013 and though it's grueling, the view from the top and the glacade down makes it all worthwhile. (more…)


Ixa’s Birthday Dog Mountain Hike

Ixa (3) This weekend, Ixa turned a year older and to celebrate I took her hiking up Dog Mountain with Ilona, Ryan, his wife and their dog.  Ixa is a strong 75 pound pup and even though she was worn out as much as I was when we finished, she was a trooper and kept us going. (more…)