Hawaiian Weddings

Cuong, The Happy Couple, Me After Fiji came my return the United States of America by going through Hawaii to see Lewis (my brother/former roomy/a best friend/the man) get married to the gorgeous and wonderful Annamarie.  I was so blessed to be in attendance to their wedding and especially being one of his men by his side to bring him to his wedding day. (more…)

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Fijitime: Bula!!!

SHARKS!!! Sitting here at Bamboo Travellers eating breakfast thinking about the time I've had in Fiji and it's hard to put it into words. I've loved it here and would definitely come back again.  Let me give you a run down. (more…)

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New Zealand: 12 Days In

20140109_153749 It's 9am and I'm sitting at a park table next to the van that I've been riding in the last 12 days and I've realized that I haven't been able to post anything until now.  Internet in New Zealand isn't just hard to come by, but it is expensive, so sorry VicLiv, you've had to fall victim to the price.  Oh well, I'm writing now, you should be happy, let's move on. (more…)

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New Zealand: Airport Sleeping

wpid-20140109_005352.JPG I took off from Cairns at 12pm yesterday.  After two flights, I finally made it to New Zealand around 12am (no, it wasn't 12 hours of flying).  I didn't book a place to stay as I decided to save some bucks and sleep at the airport.  (more…)

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Hello. I’m in Australia: Memento Style

BrisVegas Soooooooooooooooooooooooo...good news. For Christmas, I finally got my computer charged again, so I can actually make posts with a keyboard rather than using my phone, camera, uhhhh...mobile device.  My parents sent over a new charger that Microsoft sent to their house.  It cost a lot, but I also got my watch replaced (it wasn't elephant wrestling proof so it went down the Mekong river) so that was also in the box. Now that I have my computer again and can make real posts, guess I don't have an excuse not to update this site once again.  Sorry for taking so long! (more…)

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Getting To and Suiting Up In Hoi An

20131018_103000 I left Hue on the back of a motorbike down to Hoi An.  The ride was awesome.  Stopped at a number of spots on the way that I never knew about, saw a lot of torn down trees in Danang, and got a couple new suits and had a good time with friends along the way in Hoi An. (more…)

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