Hello. I’m in Australia: Memento Style

BrisVegas Soooooooooooooooooooooooo...good news. For Christmas, I finally got my computer charged again, so I can actually make posts with a keyboard rather than using my phone, camera, device.  My parents sent over a new charger that Microsoft sent to their house.  It cost a lot, but I also got my watch replaced (it wasn't elephant wrestling proof so it went down the Mekong river) so that was also in the box. Now that I have my computer again and can make real posts, guess I don't have an excuse not to update this site once again.  Sorry for taking so long! (more…)


Getting To and Suiting Up In Hoi An

20131018_103000 I left Hue on the back of a motorbike down to Hoi An.  The ride was awesome.  Stopped at a number of spots on the way that I never knew about, saw a lot of torn down trees in Danang, and got a couple new suits and had a good time with friends along the way in Hoi An. (more…)


Happy Times In Hue

20131015_134738 I arrived in Hue by plane the afternoon of the 14th after a great time hanging out in Hanoi.  A typhoon as coming into Hue the morning of the 15th, but I ended up having an amazing time and meeting some great people. (more…)


Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Cat Ba Island

Dragon facing the hills I arrived in Hanoi a few days ago and since then I’ve seen an amazing local violinist playing in a bar, went to Ha Long Bay, and met some awesome people.  I’ve spent a few nights in Hanoi, one night on a boat, and one night on an island and now it’s off to Hue, Vietnam. (more…)


Bye Bye Beijing

20131008_101251 I arrived in Beijing late on the night of the 5th, and had quite the adventure here meeting some amazing people, and seeing some amazing places I wasn't planning to see.  I'm glad Dan and Matt convinced me to get to Beijing.  It was an excellent city with a lot going on. I had three full days here in Beijing and feel that I filled my time pretty well.  I saw four or so really awesome attractions (more…)