Eurotrip 2011

I got home Monday night (October 10th) from a nice 14 hours of flying back from Europe (actually is was cramped at tiring, but part of traveling) where I spent two weeks traveling with a good friend from high school, Janel, and had an amazing adventure. Rather than splitting up my trip into three parts; one for Munich, one for Paris, and one for South Ireland, or writing a bunch of daily posts on how it all went, I've decided to just give a summary of my trip and allow for people to ask questions.  The pictures included in the post will be more useful than anything else.  Hopefully you can find the info if not enjoyable, perhaps useful! Now to start talking about my trip... (more…)


Headed to Europe

After a lot of dreaming, my friend Janel and I are finally making our way to Europe.  We’re stopping in three countries: Germany, France, and Ireland. First stop is Munich, Germany.  Leaving PDX on September Read more…


Adventures on the Big Island

This last week (Wednesday thru Tuesday) I was spending time around the Big Island of Hawaii with my younger brother, Aaron, and his friend Randy. What a trip it was.  I saw so much during the short amount of time we were on the island and so glad I was able to get away. (more…)