Coming Soon: Birthdays in Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Brendan's PropertyThis Friday, I'm headed out of Portland with my friend Cristina to Liberia, Costa Rica and soon after to the west side of Nicaragua to see my friend Brendan's property.  Brendan has been out there since the middle of January and I figure it is about time to pay a visit and see what this land is all about.  I've never been to Nicaragua before, so I'm quite excited about seeing a new country.  Costa Rica on the other hand happens to be the first trip I ever did solo (2012), which I loved, and am glad to visit once again. Cristina's birthday is the 17th and my birthday is the 18th, and I'm excited to go to another part of the world to celebrate our birthdays. (more…)

Central America

Adventures In Costa Rica

Jason Volcano Middle of the month,I took off to Costa Rica as a reward to myself for almost completing my pilots license and as a Christmas gift to myself. It's been quite a year and I needed the trip. I had planned to go to Costa Rica last March, however I quit my job around the time I would have been going and money and time were tight. This time around I was suppressed to go with my roommate, but work got in the way for him, so I went solo. (more…)