First Taste Of Chile

Torres Glacier Gray JasonWednesday (January 13th) I returned from a fast moving almost-three week trip around the beautiful country of Chile.  This was my first taste of Chile, and for that matter, South America.  The trip ranged from numerous long flights, beautiful wineries, fireworks on the beaches of Valparaiso, taking it easy enjoying the restaurants, cafes, and parks in Santiago, overnight hiking in Southern Patagonia, and playing with Penguins as far south from home as I'd ever been.  Just like any trip, it wasn't long enough, but I had quite the adventure and am glad to share with you my first taste of Chile. (more…)


Off To Punta Arenas – Patagonia Chile

torres-del-paineSitting here at Gerardo's place in Santiago, Chile.  I'm getting my bag together to catch my flight for Punta Arenas with Lewis and Gerardo.  Our flight leaves Santiago around 9:45pm and gets into Punta Arenas around 1am.  Punta Arenas is the equivalent to going to Alaska, and silly enough, I only packed for mild-summer weather.  I went to the mall here and picked up a pair of hiking books for the upcoming plan of going into Patagonia.  Hopefully we don't freeze. (more…)


PDX->SNA (FTU)->SFO (Work)->PDX->SEA->LWS->Home

travel-newport-beach The title of this post is quite the cluster, but it is what my upcoming week is going to look like.  Prior to yesterday, I was going to go to Newport Beach, CA to attend Frequent Travel University (FTU) and then come back to Portland, work here through Thursday, and then fly out to Lewiston, Idaho to visit my grandma.  Well, a wrench was throne into the situation and now I'm also going to San Ramon for a four-day deep-dive for my work.  Now, I'm hitting the following airports before finally getting back home next Sunday. (more…)


Jason [Does Not] Get Around

wpid-wp-1446480817995.jpg As much as I travel, I really don't have too many problems usually, however, there are those days I just can't control. Finishing up a trip in Austin, Texas with a number of my coworkers from the Portland office, we ended up being stranded due to flash flooding from some terrible weather around the Austin airport. I went to bed Thursday night enjoying some good weather in the later evening, but woke up to threats of flooding and tornadoes around the city. (more…)


Bridge Pedal 2015: 3rd Friendiversary

Chris Devon Michael Rubbo Teri JasonLast Sunday, I enjoyed my fourth time biking over all the bridges that cover the Willamette River in Portland in a bicycle ride called the Bridge Pedal.  I love bringing new people on this ride and sharing it with old ones.  Rubbo and myself met on this ride through our friend Paige in 2012 making this mine and Rubbo's fourth ride together and our three year friendiversary! Thanks to Chris, Devon, Michael, Teri, Ilona, and Corey for doing this ride with us!  You are awesome.  36 miles, 11 bridges, and one sore ass later, we did it! (more…)


Destination Wedding: Riviera Maya

I just got back from Mexico a couple days ago.  Akumal, Mexico in fact.  Destination wedding was the primary reason, but for a bonus I enjoyed a fantastic vacation meeting some awesome people and enjoying a chance to relax.  Unlike the majority of my travels, I didn't feel like I needed a vacation for my vacation (though I'd never turn one down).  Most of the trip involved laying by a pool or the beach, enjoying a beverage, and excellent company. (more…)


Hiking Helens 2015

Group Last weekend I went hiking to the top of Mt. St. Helens for the 4th time!  My friend Ryan and I have been hiking it together since 2013 and though it's grueling, the view from the top and the glacade down makes it all worthwhile. (more…)


Ixa’s Birthday Dog Mountain Hike

Ixa (3) This weekend, Ixa turned a year older and to celebrate I took her hiking up Dog Mountain with Ilona, Ryan, his wife and their dog.  Ixa is a strong 75 pound pup and even though she was worn out as much as I was when we finished, she was a trooper and kept us going. (more…)


New Orleans Jazz Fest 2015

I've heard many great things about New Orleans, and have wanted to go for some time, so when my friend Kelly mentioned a couple weeks back at a party that he was going there for Jazz Fest, the want was written on my face.  He soon asked if I'd want to join him and some others for a trip to "Noleans" to which I quickly said yes. The following day I scored a round-trip for $11.80 and some points with Southwest and was soon making it to this wild city which I truly enjoyed. (more…)


Hiking Horsetail Falls Loop

Horsetail Falls Loop This weekend, my friend Cassie and I went on a hike around Horsetail Falls.  For someone who has almost lived in Portland five years, I've never been to this location.  Just makes me realize that there is a ton of the Gorge area that I haven't seen yet. We talked a few days before about getting some hiking in as I've only got a few more weeks till I hike up Mt. St. Helens once again (it'll be my 4th time!).  We didn't have a clue where we were going, and knew we didn't have a ton of time to do a long one.  So instead of driving far into the Gorge area and getting some real miles into a hike, we went the easy route and did this one here. (more…)