Mileage Plan Program Changes | Alaska Airlines

Just got a surprising email this morning that Alaska Airlines is changing the number of miles needed domestically for flights.  Instead of the normal information I'm seeing about airlines devaluing their mileage plan, Alaska is going the other way and making their miles go further.  That's awesome for those who fly Alaska.  Thanks Alaska Airlines! (more…)


Iceland: Viewing The Northern Lights

northern lightsMany people don’t realize that this incredible phenomenon (Northern Lights) is elusive and unpredictable. Yes, even in a place like Iceland...
I just recently spent eight days in Iceland attempting to see the Northern Lights, and though it never happened, it was still an incredible trip.  If you end up going to Iceland and planning to see the lights, then follow these tips from Expert Vagabond. (more…)


Let’s Rank Airline Programs

jet airplane landing in cloudy sky

What makes a frequent flier program standout? No loyalty program is ideal for everyone, but choosing one that best matches your lifestyle can help you maximize your chances of earning and redeeming meaningful rewards.
U.S News has given their ranking of the different airline programs out there.  As a travel hacker based in Portland, Oregon, my ranking is a good amount different and I'll explain why. (more…)