Let’s Rank Airline Programs

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What makes a frequent flier program standout? No loyalty program is ideal for everyone, but choosing one that best matches your lifestyle can help you maximize your chances of earning and redeeming meaningful rewards.
U.S News has given their ranking of the different airline programs out there.  As a travel hacker based in Portland, Oregon, my ranking is a good amount different and I'll explain why. (more…)

By Jason, ago

My Favorite Tools: Credit Karma

credit_karma This is my third of a few posts I’ll be doing that highlights some tools I use for “travel hacking.” The first is here. The second is here. If you've ever wondered what you're credit score is, but you don't want to have to pay for it, well look no further, go to and get your FREE credit score from two of the three credit profile companies out there. (more…)

By Jason, ago